Full-time Vocational

A three year performance based course in musical theatre with optional level 4 diploma in dance teaching.

The three year performance based course is broken down into the following:

Year 1

Students focus on:

  • gaining skills in all practical disciplines of the curriculum
  • understanding anatomy and physiology within the dancers body
  • developing artistry in musical theatre genres
  • building confidence and individuality
  • exploring new styles of performance skills.

Students will also begin working on their optional teaching qualification studies.

Year 2

Students build on the skills already learnt in Year 1 in order to:

  • enhance their technique and style furthe
  • strengthen acting and voice potential
  • gain an understanding in business studies and how to market themselves as a performer
  • increase awareness for audition preparation
  • build their CV while performing within our in-house productions.
“Was the best three years of my life and has led me to a career in performing arts that I love! Thank you for your guidance and support”

Ellie Manning
2017 Graduate

Year 3

In the final year, students will:

  • present the skills learnt during year one and two
  • gain an in-depth knowledge in delivering performance skills in dance, singing and drama within professional theatre and industry related sectors
  • learn how to evaluate, develop and self promote personal talent
  • aquire a greater emphasis on performance culminating in a final graduation showcase
  • have the opportunity to take a final (optional) major examination.

Students taking the separate teaching certificate, will be registered as a qualified teacher within that subject upon successfully completing the final exam. This will enable the student to train their own pupils or teach at a performing arts school, or in mainstream education as a peripatetic tutor.

Full-time Vocational Starquest Performers College

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