Our premises and studios

Starquest Performers College provides comfortable, fully equipped studios and facilities in a safe environment for your vocational training.

Studio one – is a fully equipped dance studio with a beautiful wooden dance floor, high tech music systems, fitted ballet barres and completely mirrored. This area also can provide a projection DVD/video wall for power-point presentations for student business development.

Studio two – is also a fully equipped dance studio with beautiful wooden dance floors, high tech music systems, fitted ballet barres and floor to ceiling mirrors. This space also has black out curtains for drama presentations.

Our premises and studios Starquest Performers College

Studio three – is a fully equipped studio area for small classes or private lessons. This space has a beautiful wooden dance floor, stereo system, ballet barre and piano.

This area is also equipped with video player / DVD player / TV for researching and learning purposes. A full sound system holding up to eight microphones of hand held, lapel and lead type for vocal work and musical theatre rehearsals can also be used here.

Our premises and studios Starquest Performers College

Common room / changing room – 
An area for students to get ready for classes and relax in their breaks. This area is provided with lockers and notice boards for relevant information.

Performance spaces – During your learning time with us you will have the opportunity to perform in high calibre pieces of work in an option of theatre performance spaces.

We use the Central Theatre (986 seat capacity), the Brook Theatre (400 seat capacity) and we also have our very own have 90 seat capacity in-house dual purpose theatre space in our very own college premises.

Our premises and studios Starquest Performers College

Reception / dance shop – 
This is a relaxing space for students to come and unwind between classes. It is fitted with seating and has a water fountain and snack machines for student consumption.

This area also has a small dance boutique with a variety of dancewear and uniform at discounted prices.

Our premises and studios Starquest Performers College

The resource area – is a space for students to research any information they may need appertaining to performing arts. It offers a wide desk area with internet access, computer, cooling fan and colour printer.

We also provide a literature library collection on musicals, health and fitness, costumes, makeup, programmes, sheet music, scripts for plays, monologues and much more.

Great resource tools for learning and researching.

The fitness suite – is an adequate space to work out on our full sized multi gym fitness machine, aero glider machine, leg strengthening machine, free weights and different apparatus for students to work out and keep in shape. Floor barre and Pilates are also used.

The costume room – This is a large fully equipped hanging room full of costumes for production use. Our range is extensive and the quality is second to none.

Their subject use can range from variety shows, or feathered cabaret floorshows through to full-scale pantomime and musical theatre productions.

The accessory run – This room is of medium size with racked shelving. It houses over 2500 various items, such as leotards, tights, t-shirts, leggings, accessories and headdresses. An Aladdin’s cave, to say the least!

The scenery store – These areas house our sets, scenery and props for all of our themed productions, summer seasons and pantomimes. Students partake in scenery upkeep for their stage management awareness and unit.

The electric store – This area holds all of our lighting equipment, fog machines, UV and laser lights. It also stores our radio microphones, leads, stands and touring sound decks. Students learn how to use a sound desk and identify how to EQ and stabilize sound for productions and cabarets.

The kitchen area – Students can use this area for meal and beverage preparation. We have a full size tea urn, filter coffee machine, fridge, microwave, complete crockery and cutlery at their disposal.

The toilet and wash area – Our building has three toilets and a wash hand basin in an airy bright and well-ventilated washroom.

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